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Conference: “The Worlds of Lion Gardiner”

The State University of New York at Stony Brook, in cooperation with the McNeil Center for Early American Studies, will hold a conference in Stony Brook on March 20-21, 2009, on “The Worlds of Lion Gardiner, c. 1599-1663: Crossings and Boundaries.” Military man and engineer, chronicler and diplomat, lord of a New English manor married to a Dutch woman, Gardiner led a life replete with crossings: of the English Channel to engage in Continental wars, of the Atlantic, of the lesser waters of Long Island Sound, of national, imperial, and colonial borders, of racial divides, and of the very bounds of colonial law. The many crossings in which he and his contemporaries were involved did much to create boundaries between things previously less clearly separated.

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Curriculum Vitae
SBS S-353
Research Interests
Colonial America, early modern Scotland, Atlantic history, religion, migration, pluralism
Scholarly Works
From Colonials to Provincials: American Thought and Culture, 1680-1760 (New York: Twayne Publishers,1997, paperback from Cornell University Press)

Nation and Province in the First British Empire, ed. Ned Landsman (East Linton) 1999

Beyond Pluralism: The Conception of Groups and Group Identities in America, ed. Wendy F. Katkin, Ned Landsman, and Andrea Tyree (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1998)