Wilbur R. Miller

Born: Iowa City, Iowa, April 21, 1944 B.A. University of California, Berkeley 1966 Professor (Ph.D., Columbia University, 1973) I am of the 1960s-70s Social History generation, and stubbornly stick with it in spite of the wave of cultural studies. Teaching is varied: Civil War and Reconstruction, Gilded Age and Progressive Era, Immigration and Family history, History of New York City, History of Crime and Criminal Justice in the US.
Curriculum Vitae
SBS S-325
Research Interests
Research interests include comparative police history; the state and federal policing; representations of crime and criminal justice in popular literature. In general I am interested in the theme of Authority in America -- what makes our institutions and practices of political authority both similar to and different from those of other nations?
Scholarly Works
Cops and Bobbies: Police Authority in New York City and London 1830-1870 (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1977), 2nd ed. Ohio State University Press, 1995.

Revenuers and Moonshiners: Enforcing Federal Liquor Law in the Mountain South, 1865-1900 (Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press, 1991)